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The expression of internal and external experiences has always been a thing of interest to Golden. Born December 16th, 1998, Nickalos Golden is a North Carolina-based artist currently residing in Pembroke NC. Working primarily in oils, Golden's work reflects the struggle of being black, male, and Christian. Areas that clash on multiple borders. Drawing inspiration from on high, he attempts to communicate how faith and culture interact with each other while bringing said faith back into the contemporary conversation.

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Rachel F. Stephens is a minister, retired educator, wife, and mother of three adult children, grandmother of six, published author, and the owner of  “A Holy Portion” Art Gallery in downtown Fairmont, NC.


Her love for art was apparent in her early childhood.  As a little girl, she often did her version of family portraits and eagerly awaited a rainy day to create sculptures from the fresh mud.  During her schools days and professional career, her creative input was always solicited in major decorative projects.  Also, her paintings and drawings serve as an influential part of the focused concepts in her published books.


In today’s show, “Out Of Africa”, the pieces presented today are of mixed media. It is my hope that one’s interest would be sparked in understanding what the continent of Africa has to offer both visually and culturally.

To contact Rachel, please email or find her on Instagram and Facebook.


Desiree Thomas is a visual artist born and based in Charlotte, NC. Provoked by her fascination with the human gaze; she explores the idea of seeing and being seen through the interaction of the subject and viewer. She takes a whimsical approach to her renderings where she immortalizes facets of herself in her whimsical and mystifying world. From a young age, Desiree was always drawn to art and other artistic practices however, she didn't have an opportunity to immerse herself in it until moving to Buffalo, NY at the age of 6. Although she moved back to Charlotte at the age of 13, her time up North was very formative in her early artistic development. During her time there, she attended free weekly art lessons at a neighborhood art center named, Molly Olga where she learned painting and ceramics. This center was an outlet where she could escape the inner city influence, participate in community art events and learn from established artists and instructors. Many years later, Desiree attended the University of North Carolina at Pembroke where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art in 2016. In her most recent years, Desiree continues to hone in on her craft to learn and grow as an emerging artist.

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