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The Gallery Chefs


Chef Jay

aka: Jeramie Crowder

Jeramie Crowder, more commonly referred to as Chef Jay, is currently working at UNC Health Southeastern as Production Chef. He is an avid beekeeper, gardener, entrepreneur and chicken whisperer. He is also the owner-operator of Crowder Creations LLC. When asked why he loves to cook he smiled and said " it reminds me of holidays cooking with my mom everybody knew to come to Sarah's house" he laughed.

Chef Jay grew up in Peoria IL and is the sixth of seven children. He wanted to be a chef for as long as he could remember, so when the opportunity arose he took it. In his junior year of high school he entered the Tazwell County Education For Employment Culinary Program. Through this program he had the opportunity to train under various chefs and enter culinary competitions. By the end of his senior year he was offered a position at the Pere Marquette Hotel while graduating top 10 of his class, earning his high school diploma, and associate in culinary arts.


Soon after he decided to attend Johnson and Wales University's Charleston campus where he excelled in his studies. Chef Jay was known for his determination, he believes everyone "has a purpose and it's up to us to unlock that hidden potential within". By the time he completed year one at Johnson and Wales, he gained a position as a teacher assistant there. In this role he assisted numerous Chefs with demos, campus tours and lectures. He was even asked to assist in the opening of the Charlotte JWU Campus.


Chef Jay reminds us that it's important to stop and appreciate life in all of its glory. When asked what was one of the best decisions he ever made, he responded "making Robeson County Home. It is one of the reasons I am who I am today."


Chef Steven

aka: Dr. Gena’ (Steven) Oxendine


Dr. Gena’ (Steven) Oxendine came from humble beginnings, spending most of his time imitating his grandmother as she prepared savory meals to feed her family. He was inspired to cook noting how food often tells stories, and has the capacity to bring people together. While in college he would often feed friends, family, as well as those in the community. It was in college that Chef Steven began experimenting with different spices and aromatics which allowed him to create several signature dishes. Chef Steven is owner of Savory and Sweet food truck, as well as a Licensed mental health counselor.

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Chef LH

aka: Larry Harrison


Chef Harrison began cooking at the young age of 5 years old. Being the oldest of 5 kids and raised in a single parent home, he had to learn responsibility early and quickly in order to help out as much as he could. At the age of 14, he got a work permit and obtained his first job in a fast food restaurant. In 2000, Chef Harrison finally decided to pursue his passion and enrolled in Culinary Arts school. He earned an A.A.S. Degree in Culinary Arts and in Hospitality Management, graduating with departmental honors. Since that time Chef Harrison has worked in the food service hospitality industry covering everything from line cook, to management, to currently being a traveling private Chef. Needless to say cooking is a God-given gift and a lifelong passion, and is something he extremely enjoys doing as an expression of love.

To find out more about Chef LH and get in touch, find him online at

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