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IPCA presents a diverse range of high quality exhibitions, lectures and programs, including educational offerings and special events to Robeson County and the surrounding communities. These exhibitions, lectures and programs provide youth and community members with important insights into the visual and performing arts while learning about the creative processes. Inner Peace strives to become a recognized cultural hub and authority for cultural enrichment through visual and performing art, while being widely renown for excellence in creative programming, education, collaboration and leadership development of the arts.
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Karena Kimble
Series- Storms and Color

My name is Karena Kimble and I am a painter and high school/college art educator.

I grew up at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and have a lifelong passion and love of nature. I do believe that God’s face and tears can be seen in nature and our impact on nature. I have a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting and have travelled extensively in the United States as well as abroad. I have been fortunate to show my work in solo exhibitions at UNCP and at the Carolina Civic Center and in group shows.

Living in Robeson county has inspired a series of work based on the last two hurricanes, Mathew and Florence respectively. Storms and Color is the name of my current series, and it encompasses the ragged beauty that I see in the swollen rivers, water banks and swampland that is lit by jewel like flowers and birds.   

I am an abstract artist but if you look closely you will see hints of birds, animals, flowers, broken bridges, windows and nature that encompasses some of the effects of both storms that I have been inspired by.

Like so many people my home and studio were damaged by the storms and it was a psychological challenge as well, as the storms brought out the very real danger to us all of loss of property and or life and the appreciation of the fragility of life was brought so strongly into focus for residents of our county.

The Storms and Color series is a focus on color on the large canvasses and an exploration of color, line, animal and human forms and their interrelatedness. Each of the large canvasses is a deliberate immersion in the symbolic and interpretive qualities of that color. In the two smaller series I have continued that exploration.  Some of the themes that I am exploring are human growth, and suffering, the degradation of the environment and the effect of chaos on nature and on us as human beings. I work with mixed media; acrylic paint, oil paint, ink, colored pencil, watercolor, collage pieces from drawings, paintings and marker.   

As an educator and artist, I see the creative exploration of an idea as just as important as the final product, having said this I hope you enjoy the layered artwork that explores color, and line with a focus on abstracted figures and animals.

Cindy Brewer
Having explored many arts and crafts through the years such as watercolor painting, Sherenshnitte (German paper cutting), dried flower wreaths, handmade dolls and sewing. I had a hunger for something different. In 2009 I discovered the art of mixed media collage which truly opened up a new world for me. I’ve always loved using paper, experiencing texture and creating new uses for old objects. I use acrylic paint, various papers, found objects, fabrics and fibers and embellish each piece with pen, lace and a bit of nature. I’ve found a new freedom in collage that cause me to work more intuitively, where surprises happen as even a mistake can become a stepping stone and a train of thought can open my creativity to explore new ways of making art.

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